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National Poetry Month’s Feature: Poets Wilnona and Jade

Poets’ Bio: Wilnona and Jade are one of the 20 Iconic Authors according to every writer’s resource. Jade was The Poet of the Year 2019. They are the founders of The Inspirational Women in Literature Media and Journalism Awards, a magazine featuring 25 Hottest Authors, the Thoughtful Book Festival, and And I Thought Literary Magazine. 

They have read their book for fans in Australia, the U.K., Greece, Canada, by Invitation for 2 regional poet laureates, and at numerous U.K. Literary Book Awards. They have done 4 European book tours reading their poetry, promoting their magazines and the upcoming documentary film they star in Create Aspire and Inspire. They are on the list of #18th most interviewed authors in the world. 

Deliah Lawrence: Do you have any reflections about poetry in life?

Wilnona and Jade: A poet's job is to be the conscience of society, not to be above it, but to be in the inner mechanics to observe the inner workings and call out the inequitable parts. It is their duty to the world, but to bring a poet's mind of creativity into focus is most productive. Words create the thoughts that fuel ideals of those who govern, of the educated, of the wealthy, within these words are the future decisions.  

A fellow writer Brady Miller always points out that leaders tend to read more than the average person so they may be decisive in a way that is fair and well thought out for the future.  She also says authors are the ones putting those words on the page, so it is us that have the responsibility to create what can be used fairly in society. 

DL: In celebration of National Poetry Month, can you share with us a few of your poems?

W&J: Sure, here you go: 


Trapped in the light waves are sparkles, glimmering for a moment then disappearing like a cool breeze on a humid summer day.

The wide swing of curvaceous hips in short shorts out the corner of your eye. The explosion of illicit possibilities.

The sparkle of a diamond and the shine of fame trapped into the sun’s glow is where the hopes of future aspirations twinkle.

Smiles and a sense of accomplishment meant for fulfillment is only a second, a tick in life.

It was almost missed if you blink. It was almost hinted to, somehow it was known,
but never full grown.

It was trapped in the corner, in the split seconds, in the particle of the moments where the fairies and goblins of imagined horrors or delight resonate.


ripples start from a disturbance, with grace they expand

love comes from a spark, ends hand in hand

it stands at genesis, but it's grand

graceful, elegantly disruptive, the splash erupts in peaceful cloud, rippling mounds

so close to the crash, the arrival on a new shore. Knocking on the door. 

Who is it? 

Who said that growing up would be fun? Okay I know we thought when we finally got access to the money our

parents were always pulling out the pocket our problems would be solved. After all they shared with us an extra fifty-dollar bill was such an inconvenience.    

DL: Where can folks learn more about you and your poetry?

W&J: They can find out more here:

Contact Info:

Book Buy link: 

DL: It’s been a pleasure having you here with us today. I know my readers will enjoy reading your poetry.

W&J: Thanks for featuring us on your blog!


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