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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The RWS (Read. Write. Speak) System to Help You Grow Big in 2016

This week I'm the featured expert in the Trailblazer Entrepreneur Nation (TENation, a closed group on Facebook). On Monday, I answered several questions related to the business of writing, publishing and speaking and was tasked to provide a business tip for the remainder of the week, So, here's the business tip I posted today in the group. 

Read. Read. Read. Write. Write. Write. Speak. Speak. Speak. If you’re serious about being a writer and branding yourself as a speaker as well in 2016 and beyond, you must do a few things: 1) read books within your genre (and sometimes outside your genre) and about the craft of writing, 2) write every day if you can and don’t be afraid to try a new writing style every now and then, and 3) start aligning yourself with others to obtain speaking engagements.

Furthermore, to sharpen your skills you may want to take a non-credit or credit writing class as well as join your local Toastmasters club to learn from the experts.

Note: No one becomes a professional without learning their craft and sharpening the skills of their craft.

R – read for the adventure; E – explore new worlds; A – always stretch your creativity; D – develop interesting characters that leap from the page.

W – write to express yourself; R – reach for the stars; I – ignite a fire that fuels your art; T – teach what you know; E – excite your readers with a page turner.

S – speak and share what you know; P – perfect your speaking style; E – earn the trust of others; A – attend networking events; K – keep learning. 

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