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Friday, January 8, 2016

Let's Embrace Being the BOSS!

Be the B.O.S.S. (B – be a leader; O - own your stuff; S – settle only for the best; S – sky’s the limit to your success).

So you’ve decided that writing or even speaking is not a hobby and you are engaging in it for profit, then be the BOSS and treat it like a business (see, https://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Checklist-for-Starting-a-Business). This means you should:
  1. Develop a business plan.
  2. Obtain a separate Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), a seller’s or resale certificate, and any business licenses required in your local community (if selling a product like your book).
  3. Promote and brand yourself and your book or services on social media and other outlets. This includes maintaining a website, printing business cards, etc.
  4. Collect and pay your sales tax (don’t forget to keep good records).
  5. Separate your personal and business finances.
  6. Network (join professional organizations, attend writing related conferences, be a speaker on the business of writing, etc.).
Note: Let’s embrace being the BOSS!

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