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Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Fun and Relaxing Weekend"

Sometimes you really need to slow down, take a break and catch your breath. Anyway, this weekend I attended the mentor's meeting and had a great time with my fellow mentor friends as we planned out the remainder of the mentoring school year. It's always good to plan ahead because it gives us perspective and prepares us for any and all surprises. After the meeting, I took time to pamper me with a mani/pedicure.

A few hours later, I found myself at DSW. And I guess I must have that look like I know shoes, because folks were asking me advice about boots, shoes to wear at work and what kind of shoes would match an outfit a shoe lover was going to wear in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, I was happy to oblige. I joked that maybe, just maybe I needed to get a job at DSW. Who knows, I could get a much deeper discount on my shoes other than my earned $10 certificate.

Sunday, I didn't leave my home. I took time to talk to friends, do some writing and catching up on some of my favorite shows like Damages. Now that's what I call a fun and relaxed weekend! So, hoping for many, many more!

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