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Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Increasing Love In Your Life"

It's always great when I read something refreshing on how to get more love in your life. This past week I read an article on Oprah.com that talked about the "5 (doable) Ways To Increase Love In Your Life." After reading the article, I thought it would be great to share those things with my audience:

1. Letting go of exhaustion.
2. Creating joy.
3. Making room for playtime.
4. Discovering your artistic side.
5. Practicing calm.

Now any of the above 5 things could mean different things to each of us. As for me, letting go of exhaustion can be challenging at times especially when it involves not doing things that bring me joy. So instead of always saying "yes" to things that I feel obligated to do, I'm now beginning to say "no" and finding time for me. In doing so, I get to create joy in the things that I enjoy doing, making time to be silly (dancing around my house), continuing to discover my artistic side (writing) and ushering in the calmess (yoga) that keeps me ground.

Isn't it time you started finding ways to increase the love in your life?

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