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Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Review of the Play, Animal Farm (Baltimore Center Stage)

A few weeks ago, I saw George Orwell’s "Animal Farm" adapted as a stage play by Ian Wooldridge and directed by May Adrales. Although I read the novel many years ago, seeing the story unfold on stage brought back the imagery of a powerful, revolutionary and political struggle of this satirical tale.

It was interesting to watch the pigs who initially joined a struggle as one voice turned on each other as soon as they got a taste of power. The world as we know it today is filled with such hate, strife, poverty, political smoke screens, harsh labor conditions, etc. and the director did a great job of bringing this to the stage. This story is as powerful and relevant as it was in 1945.

The actors did an excellent job in breathing life into this story! Two thumbs up!

Cast members:

·                     Melvin Abston – Napoleon/Ensemble

·                     Francis Cabatac – Ensemble

·                     Jonathan Gillard Daly – Benjamin/Pilkington/Ensemble

·                     Surasree Das – Ensemble

·                     Deborah Staples – Clover/Ensemble

·                     Tiffany Rachelle Stewart – Squealer/Mollie/Ensemble

·                     Brendon Titley – Snowball/Minimus/Ensemble

·                     Stephanie Weeks – Major/Boxer/Ensemble

Check out the trailer and a photo of the actual set below:

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