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Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Review of Whispers of Words Spoken by An Howard

Poetry is a great way to express one’s thoughts and emotions in an abbreviated way that touches your soul. In Whispers of Words Spoken, An Howard guided readers through her poetry in four section: Whispers in General, Whispers to God, Whispers of Erotica and Whispers of Love. In each segment, I was swept away by her words about life in general, her self-love, her love of/for God, her being in and out of love and her love of erotica.

I thoroughly enjoyed An’s poetry as I could see myself in quite a few poems in each section. Funny how words can be so universal in that we can all feel the same hurt, pain, love, joy, and excitement through the eyes of another.

A very good read!

Some of my favorite lines from poems in each section:

My Words
Sometimes my words are all that I have
In this empty place called life.
I use them to express my happiness or my strife.

God Where Are You?
God where are you when I’m feeling alone,
Where are you when I’m saddened and kneeling at
your throne?

Just A Sip
I love the way u take me in as if I was fine wine
Slowly u sip me up and grab my behind
You eat me up as if you were hungry
so I feed you all of me and intensely you give me all of

Forever In Love
I loved you from a distance for so many years
as I sat back and watched your smile gleaming at me

not even knowing what I was thinking.

Rating: 4 Stars

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