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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Review of Loose Ends by Electa Rome Parks

This is the sequel to The Ties That Bind where I was first introduced to Christian, Brice, and Mia. Christian and Brice are best friends and Brice and Mia on the surface appeared to be happily married. But Brice had a temper which he sometimes couldn’t control and Mia got the brunt of it. When Brice beat her for the very last time, and she ended up in the hospital, it was there she finally mustered up enough courage to divorce him.

In Loose Ends, Mia has moved on with her life which included finishing college and she and Christian are now married with a beautiful daughter. Everything seemed to be going nicely until Brice reached out wanting to make amends to both of them. Brice wanted his homeboy back and he wanted to see Mia again. Mia was against them meeting Brice and his new wife, Kree because while she wanted to move past the hurt, she was still drawn to Brice.

Let’s just say it wasn’t smooth sailing as Brice has reared his ugly ways again by beating on his second wife. And if that wasn’t enough, he still lusted after Mia who finally caved into his whims. The end result…broken trust, broken marriages and a yearning by Mia to get Christian back.

I thoroughly enjoyed this roller coaster of a novel that dealt with love, lust, and lies. The characters were well developed, the drama was real, and the dialogue was spot on. However, I felt that Brice’s death could have been explored in a little more depth. However, the emails he left Christian, Mia, and Kree before his death did speak to his state of mind, but I wanted more.

Overall, this is a very good read!

Some of my favorite lines:

            “Your woman just walked in. Yeah, she found us okay. You wanna speak with her?  Okay. Hold on.”

            Brice handed me the phone; reclined in his rolling chair and scrutinized me slowly while I talked to my husband. I could feel him taking in my body inch by inch, but this time it didn’t make me feel nervous. This time it made me feel sensual and sexy as I ran my fingers through my short hair. In my jeans, midriff T-shirt and tennis shoes, I felt sexy-cool.

Rating: 4 Stars

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