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Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Review of True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks

Meet Kennedy Logan, a twenty-eight-year-old educated and gorgeous woman who is in love with the wrong man (side bar – no surprise, we have all been here at some point). Anyway, she has a confession to make which she unravels slowly through writing in her diary (and yes, it’s filled with sexual escapes) after a failed suicide attempt.

As I read this novel, I got to know more about the man (Drake Collins) who led Kennedy to the brink of her destruction. He had a high sexual appetite that Kennedy tried to live up to. He was a control freak who demanded that she change to suit him from the clothes she wore, not drinking sodas, changing her hair, etc. Putting back the pieces would take some time and her overbearing mother, Dorothy Logan would make sure she broke free of Drake. This was no easy task as Drake worked in the same department as Kennedy and with every turn she made he was right there to taunt and try to control her.

If this pressure wasn’t enough, Kennedy wanted to find her birth mother because she had tons of questions as to why she was abandoned. With the help of Taylor, her best friend, and her absentee father dealing with his own breakup with his younger girlfriend and her mother, Kennedy would soon have better days.   

Overall this novel was a good read. The characters were realistic although at times I felt Kennedy was too weak and should have confronted Drake (he got off really light). But after her true confession was revealed I understood the reasoning behind her resolve. In the end Kennedy found her answers and removed herself from the ever controlling Drake in pursuit of a better life. Good for her!

Some of my favorite lines:

Snippet from Kennedy’s diary – After each breakup, I really psyched myself up in order to rationalize him being back in my life. And, of course, Drake came back with every desire to please me. He knew the right words to speak, the correct gifts to buy and the right places to take me. All to make me fall swiftly back under his spell. That didn’t last long. When all was said and done, it was always about Drake. Always Drake. Whatever lies and misdeeds he had to tell and do to achieve his happiness, he did it. The truth was boring and his motives were always the ultimate goal.  

Rating: 4 stars

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