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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Review of No Trust by Leslie Esdaile Banks

This novel (book #4) is yet another hit in the “Trust” series. Leslie Banks holds no punches as financial genius Laura Caldwell and her team (sexy hubby James Carter, womanizer cousin Jamal, his pregnant sister Najira and her fiancé, Steve) must rush against all odds to save a family member whose life is in danger.

Relaxing in Maui was idyllic but only for a moment until Laura gets a call to head to Philadelphia to see about her Uncle Akhan. Akhan is dying and his family (one set in Jamaica and the other in the US) are fighting over land in middle of a mob war.

When Akhan goes back to Jamaica after thirty years with Laura and his family, his children whom he left in Jamaica are not too happy having to meet his other set of children. Needless to say, the sibling tried to keep their jealously in check as they are embroiled in a deadly game of control. In the midst of it, Laura must use her connections and smarts to outwit the competition and save the ones she loves.

I really enjoyed this roller coaster of a ride. Leslie’s description of the drama and lushness of Jamaica placed me right in the middle of the action. Great dialogue. Great characters. Great plot twist. Great resolution to the series.
A must read. Two thumbs up.

Some of my favorite lines:
He smiled widely and sent her a quick text: No fair.
She mouthed the words, “Hurry up, then.” He mouthed back, “Okay, I’m trying.”
“I love making you feed good,” he said, now searching harder for the device as sure had to be in their room.
“Well, let me get my dress off, first. You ruined the last one.”
He made a face at her and she quietly laughed and stuck out her tongue at him.
“Then take it off for me, baby,” he said, but stopped for a moment to look at her.
She winked at him; he mouthed back, “For real.”
“All right,” she murmured sexily, and complied.
He turned over the lamp carefully and noticed that the base was a little loose. “Damn…” he said in a low, sensual tone. “With that get-up, you’re gonna have to ride.” He smirked and showed her the device.
            She got it. To keep their cover it would have to seem that the lamp fell during wild sex.
            “Take off your pants,” she demanded, but then sent him a text: “Both brothers are at odds. More than one could have planted a device. Keep looking.”

            James closed his eyes and silently cursed. 

Rating: 4 Stars

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