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Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Review of Secret Attraction by Donna Hill

Sometimes loving someone from a distance can prevent you from giving your heart to someone else. Such is the case with Desiree (“Desi”) Lawson, twin sister to Dominique (“Dom”), who has been in love with Spence Hampton for a long while. But she was afraid to pursue her desire because of Dom’s relationship (which was never clearly defined to her) with Spence. So, she decided it would be best to move on and agreed to a blind date orchestrated by Dom with Max DeLaine, a college professor from a prominent family.

Spence has seen Desi out with Max and thought that it killed his chance to tell her how he truly felt. But when Max turned out not to be too stable (showing up at Desi’s office and at her home uninvited), Dom gets wind of it and confides in Spence. It was then that Spence decided to bypass the platonic phase with Desi and tell her how he truly felt.

This story was sexy, filled with great dialogue and with delicious meals (Spence is a chef) that could fly off the pages - yummy. The characters were not one dimensional (crazy knows no bounds or family status) and full of surprises too (Desi was a race car driver which she kept a secret from her family – I wanted to see this explored some more though).

Anyway, Spence is definitely a man any woman would fall for (sexy, successful and well grounded), but he only had eyes for Desi and she only had eyes for him. And no one could come between that. I was happy they were able to get together – great power couple!

A must read!

Some of my favorite lines:
They pulled up to a light. He turned to her.  “Now that I finally have you with me, I don’t intend to waste one minute apart.”

The heat in his eyes played over her face. Her entire body tingled.

“That cool with you?”

All she could do was nod her head to make sure she didn’t stir herself from this incredible dream she was having.

Rating: 4 Stars

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