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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ready. Set. Go. - Let’s Build Your Platform!

A lot of authors or writers in the making need to have a platform, a place for getting their message out about their works. There are so many ways to do this, but I find the most effective way is through content marketing. This is a strategic marketing tool which focuses on the distribution of consistent content that engages your target audience.
Here are 4 ways to get started:
1.      Blogging.
This platform is a great way for folks to find you when they are Googling topics related to your book. Also, the content you write about brands you as an expert in the topics you are writing about.  
2.      Video Content.
Videos are great whether you create them on Periscope, YouTube or your own website. It gives you an opportunity to show off your personality – so don’t be shy.
3.      Brand Your Images.
Folks are very visual. So, if you want to expand your readership on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. then start creating images that contain snippets of your writing.
4.      Podcasting.
This gives you an avenue to voice your opinion on various topics you are passionate about. Although I haven’t set up podcast as of yet, it’ll definitely be on my list of things to include in my marketing arsenal.

NoteSo what are you waiting for? Let’s build that platform!


  1. Good post. I need to do some branding.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Andwele. Branding definitely keeps you front and center!