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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Review of Rose Gold by Walter Mosley

When I think of Walter Mosley's novels a couple of things come to mind: intricate plots, flawed characters, realistic dialogue, backdrop that places you right in the heart of a scene and of course Easy Rawlins and you've got the recipe for a great read. Rose Gold was no different and hit the mark quite nicely.

In this novel, Rawlins is tasked with finding Rosemary "Rose" Gold, the daughter of a wealthy weapons manufacturer, who has been kidnapped by a group of revolutionists. The thing is Rose is much of a revolutionist herself but this time she is out of her element and her wealthy father must pay the kidnappers who have already sent a body part to remind him of how serious they are.  But they are no match for the skills and wiles of Easy and his street team who owes him a favor or two.

If that's not a large enough job, throw in finding Bob, a man who morphs into whatever character he decides to be and who is caught up with Rose and now being blamed for murders he didn't commit, a child who is taken from his white mother to be raised by the black side of his family, Easy's complicated love of a woman, etc. - Wow what a journey! Side note: I really missed having Mouse's energy but it was felt through his telephone conversations with Easy.

Two thumbs up! Very cinematic! A must read!

Some of my favorite lines:

"What could you possibly have to say to me?" he asked. "And why would the CEO of Proxy Nine need me to listen?


It was a pleasure to see that the captain of industry could be rocked by just a word. He gazed at the letter in his hand, questioning its origins, and then looked up at me with the same query in mind.

"Where do you come from?"

I went into the story that had been going through my mind the last twenty-four hours. I told him about Moving Day and Roger Frisk, about Tout Manning and being shot at in front of Benoit's Gym.

"Why would the police come to you?" Goldsmith asked.

"I'm a private detective. Not too many my shade of brown in L.A. The cops find that I can get work done where they cannot. Also I know things about the world outside of my neighborhood."

Rating: 5 stars

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