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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Let's Go Crazy

Recently, my all-time favorite artist…Prince left this universe. And when this iconic and musical genius left us, he left a void that is irreplaceable. Those close to me know that my admiration of this man stems from the fact he was creatively fearless: singer-songwriter, prodigy multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actor, etc. Like anyone else, he’s had his failures and disputes within the entertainment industry, but like cream, he always rose to the top time and time again.

There are way too many songs that I love by this man that evoke many memories from my teenage years to adulthood.  So too are the many lessons to be learned from him about creativity. For now, the takeaway lesson that I’ll be incorporating into my life is to simply embrace being creatively me (fiction writer, painter, poet, etc.). And for this, I’ve penned the following poem about life.

This Thing Called Life

This thing called life,
is a fleeting thing:
it ebbs and flows,
bumps and scrapes,
burns and tugs
at your heart.

This thing called life,
changes you:
for better or worse,
sickness or health,
praises or not,
shapes your soul.

This thing called life,
makes you yearn:
to call your shrink,
your lover,
your friend or
your foe.

This thing called life,
is all you’ve got:
to embrace,
to learn,
to share
and call your own.
So, dearly beloved
as we gather together
let’s go crazy
in this thing called life.

Blowing BIG kisses to this GENIUS of a man as I jump into my little red corvette and trying not to move too fast. Will you…my readers come along with me for the ride? 

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