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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Center Stage: "Protect the Beautiful Place"

On Sunday, October 4, 2015, a very good friend and I checked out Center Stage's Play Lab: Protect the Beautiful Place by Nathan Alan Davis. Play labs is a way to showcase to the audience the development of new plays. There are no props and so the audience is left to use their imagination to envision what's happening.

I must say that the cast was excellent. The dialogue was great and the storyline kept the audience laughing and engaged. I look forward to checking out more play labs at Center Stage.

The Cast
Kim James Bey - Gail
Joey Ibanez - Ha-Ha
Valeka J. Holt - JOy
Maria Broom - Early
Bus Howard - Walking Man
Kellie McCants - Symphony

Gail doesn't have time to die. She has a house to hold together and a tenuous legacy to preserve. But her dead husband, Walking Man, has been visiting at night, insisting that it's time to join him on the Other Side. When the rest of the family won't let her ignore this summons, Gail's reluctant journey to acceptance begins. Protect The Beautiful Place is the first in a series of plays about an eccentric and mystically inclined Black family that has carved out an existence for itself in an Illinois forest.

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