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Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Summertime Fun at A.G. Kitchen!"

This past Thursday, I met up with fellow diva, B. Swangin Webster, for a long overdue lunch and girl chat in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. As we stood near the water fountain where kids were splashing around and playing, we began scanning the restaurants before deciding to give A.G. Kitchen a try. This restaurant is the brain child of chef Alex Garcia and offers a fusion of Cuban-Latin dishes and cocktail.

Since it was such a beautiful day, we settled on eating outside. When we sat down, there was a red View-Master sitting on the table. We thought how fun as it actually contained a reel of the desserts that were offered. So before we even ordered our drinks or our meal, our mouths were already salivating about which desserts we were going to try. 

Anyway, when the waiter appeared (he was the best), we ordered the calamari for the appetizer and a Malibu cocktail and a frozen drink called "Her Name Was Lola" (this was for me). When I took one sip, I was like wow, there was no skimping on the liquor. And when we took a bite of the calamari we knew we had made a good choice. 

For our main lunch course, we decided on two different type of burgers (a Juicy Lucy and a Royale) with Hollywood fries. These burgers were delicious and we could only eat half because we wanted to save room for desert. While enjoying our lunch, the manager came out to check on us and before you know it we were ordering another drink - the "Sit and Spin" - and yes, it really made us sit and spin - it was that good!

By the time our dessert came out (apple pie a la mode), we were like two giddy teenagers having a grand ole time - chatting and laughing. We were having such a great time that we didn't even realize that several hours had gone by. Now this is what summertime is all about! We'll definitely be back!

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