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Monday, April 27, 2015

"Stop Living on Autopilot"

I recently read an article written by Cate Scolnik for The Muse, a great online resource for exploring free career advice and discovering your passion along the way. This article talked about how to stop living on autopilot and how to snap out of it.

Being on autopilot is a place where most people feel safe. A steady job. A steady pay check. A good idea of what to expect day in and day out. All the while bottling up their dreams. As for me, I have one foot in autopilot and the other in a place of change. This is a change that I can see forthcoming, but it I hope it won't take me a long time to make that leap.

So, how do you make that choice to live more consciously? Well, Cate Scolnik, who took the leap to a more conscious place shares the following 5 ways to live an amazing life:

1. Focus on connection, not perfection. We need to stop trying to be perfect and spend more time with our favorite people and things to do. Time is limited and having connections are what brings us joy and happiness.

2. Live by your values. To me this is so important. Too many people will sell their souls and trample on their values. But what they forget is that having values is what sets them a part from others and puts them in a flow.

3. Let fear be your motivator. We've all had moments of fear in our lives. But for me, once I face the fear head on, that's when I realize it was a great motivator for me to do great things.

4. Don't believe in signs. Some people believe in signs and I do too. But I'm also aware that if the signs tell me to shy away from my dreams that's when I stop believing in them.

5. Keep visiting the dream room. This is where we should all live until the dreams become our realities!

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