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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Do The Write Thing"

This week's motto was "Do the Write Thing." This meant that I would write something every single day. However, I got derailed on Wednesday to have dinner with a friend and on Thursday, I tuned into two webinars which covered different writing related topics. These two days that I went without writing creatively allowed me time to process new information and get back on the horse.

I gleaned a lot from those webinars which is a part of the writing and ultimately marketing process of getting your manuscripts ready for review. The first webinar dealt with how to prepare and present yourself for a radio and television interview. Brian Jud, the presenter, shared some excellent tips that I will use for upcoming radio and televsion interviews. He reminded listeners that you should always project a smile in your voice especially for a ratio interview. For a television interview, his main tip was to look at the interviewer and not at the camera, bring a copy of your book and be enthusiastic about your work.

The next webinar was hosted by Steve Harrision and presented by Ann McIndoo. She was simnply awesome in sharing tips about writing your non-fiction book within 90 days. Her 5 step strategy is golden: 1) set a deadline; 2) create the structure of your book; 3) learn proven successful strategies through a mentor; 4) get with a support group; and 5) create a special time and place to write.

Both presentations gave me great information which I'll use in maintaining my writing schedule and developing my marketing strategies for my novels! So, I didn't mind not doing the "write" for a few days.

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