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Friday, May 20, 2011

"Jumping The Broom"

This movie was hilarious! Take two families from different sides of the track and you get one helluva get together. Jason (Laz Alonzo), an investment banker from a very humble family in Brooklyn is set to marry Sabrina (Paula Patton) who's from a very wealthy family who lives Martha's Vineyard. The problem is they have only been dating for a few months and neither Sabrina or both parents have met each other until the weekend of the wedding.

I knew I was in for a fun ride when I saw that Loretta Devine was playing Mrs. Taylor, Jason's mother. She's a postal worker, loves the Lord and not very happy that these "bougie" people, the Watsons once owned slaves. Angela Bassett who played Sabrina's mother was right on time for Lorretta's character. Throw in some scenes with Jason's relatives (Mike Epps and DeRay Davis), Sabrina's cousin (Percy Romeo Milelr) who loves older women (Tasha Smith), the chef (Gary Dourdan) getting his groove on in the kitchen with Sabrina's friend (Meagan Goode) and you will have a good laugh.

In the end after secrets are spilled, tears are cried, and families are bonded, the movie culminates into a joyous celebration of jumping the broom. Two thumbs up for this lighthearted comedy that I think you'll enjoy this summer!

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