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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Season, Giving Thanks, Bracing for the Unknown

The holiday day season is upon us and this past Thanksgiving I had a lot to be thankful for not only for that day but everyday. The Christmas season is right around the corner and sales are abound, but I wasn’t one of those frenzied shoppers out there on Black Friday. The hassle was simply not worth it.

Anyway, across the country many people aren’t so fortunate or blessed to be in a position to splurge because they’re either unemployed, underemployed or partly employed. A friend of mine recently sent me the link below which reflects the state of the economy and the effects it has on some people living in New York who lost their jobs including those who started their business in search of the American dream only to find it deflated by having to close their doors.

It’s a sad reality but they still have to give thanks that they have the drive to move on and brace themselves for the unknown (hopefully, better luck!)

Here’s the link:


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