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Book Reviews - Gotta Let It Go

I met the author at the Philly Book Festival 2014. Deliah did a wonderful job with her novel. It was fast paced and pulled you in from the beginning. I loved the storyline and the characters. I tried to put the book down several times to do other tasks but it kept calling me back to find out what happened next. There were a few jaw dropping WTF moments and revelations which caught me totally off guard. I must admit I didn't like Kyle at first but now am intrigued with the character. Where you going Kyle???? Great job!!
~ Author Leonard Anderson

WOW, WOW, WOW! Deliah has gotten me hooked with only the first few pages! Her descriptions of the characters are so life like that I can see everyone right in front of me! She has a bona fide HIT on her hands!
B. Swangin Webster, Author of Let Me Just Say This, And Again...Let Me Say This, Once and For All

Gotta Let It Go, what can I say that will do this debut author justice. As a publisher and radio show host, I receive books from all genres. I have never personally been into ‘romance’ novels and I typically give them a pass. Gotta Let It Go was different; it held my attention from start to amazing finish! If I had to pinpoint the magnetism, I would have to say the mystery and each well-developed character. You know a book is good when you're pulling for the guy you know you're not supposed to like! Oh my, my. With each written word, you see someone from around the way that you ‘used’ to know that could very well be the one you’re reading about! I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I cannot wait for the sophomore project to see where Deliah takes us. Thank you for a great ride my dear Sister.
~ Starla Faye, www.twotalkbooks.com (Two Talk Books Radio Host); www.zlpi.us (Publisher & Self-Publishing Coach)

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