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Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Get Maximum Publicity In Minimum Time"

A few days ago, I tuned into a webinar hosted by Steve Harrison. The first question that Steve asked the audience was "How committed are you to getting the word out?" He suggested that as authors or as someone trying to promote a product, you should get into a daily promotional habit of making at least 5 contacts to viewers, readers, etc. I thought this was a very tall order since my days are filled with other commitments. However, I did find the following strategies to be very useful and I'll definitely be using them to get publicity for my book.

5 Maximizing Publicity Strategies:
1. Give the media a hook. Give them something that they can use to "grab" their audience, tease folks into wanting to read their publication or watch their shows.

2. Avoid thinking, "I'll wait till my book comes out," approach. If you already have a list, use it to create a following both on and off line to talk about your upcoming book. Ask yourself: Who are the new "Oprahs" who could launch you?

3. Get publicity and exposure on blogs that reach your core audience. Offer to be a guest blogger, offer them the opportunity to interview you, offer them a free sample chapter, etc.

4. YouTube. You must have a strategy that includes YouTube. It's the #3 search engine and it allows you to broadcast yourself.

5. Expand your wardrobe. This doesn't mean changing your outfit but simply creating different hooks for different media outlets. Use different aspects of yourself, your life experiences and different information that you have.

I thought these were very helpful strategies that could give you great visibility.

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