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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Write Your Book in 30 Days" Teleconference

Tonight is the second to last of a 5 part series of the "Write Your Book in 30 Days" Teleconference hosted co-hosted by Andrew Morrison, president of Small Business Camp and founder of the ‘Write Your Book in 30 Days’ program and co-facilitator, Joy Farrington, president of Lit Diva, Inc. During the past few weeks, the teleseries had top-named experts such as: E. Claudette Freeman, Clyde Vanel, Esq., and Barry Beckham. The topics for each call ranged from self-publishing and selecting the right printer for the job, protecting the intellectual property of your work and how to write a book proposal that lands you a publisher.

Tonight's guest speaker, Bro. Bedford gave the listeners some great tips on the power of e-books. At the end of the teleconference, he gave the listeners an offer we could not refuse, one of his presentation ($97 value) for just $10. So at 11:15 pm when I should be trying to get some sleep, I was reaching for my credit card to buy my copy of his e-book. I've been enjoying the teleseries and look forward to next week's guest speaker, Ryan Mack, who will be talking about using the media to build your author platform.

For more information about the "Write Your Book in 30 Days" teleseries, please visit www.litdiva.com

Happy Writing!

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